Rose is a photographer based in Lisbon. Born in 1995 in Lisbon, when she was 14 she realized that photography was everything for her, she proceeded with that career.

Majored in Photography and Arts in 2013 at Escola Artística António Arroio and started the bachelor degree on September 2013 at IADE – Creative University in Photography and Visual Culture and concluded on June 2016.

On 18th October 2014, started the project “LOST GIRLS” that boosted her on the world of photography.

This was an unlimited project that portrayed girls and their personalities through the environment, making a connection between the model and the space.

In 2015, October she joined with the make up artist, Miru Morna, a new project titled “THE COLOURS DIARY”, a project based in the study of colours and different symbols, textures, tones, backgrounds and dissecting the plasticity of the object/colour through the woman body – one model, one colour.

Late in 2015 she started working on fashion editorials for magazines, and on the agency “ONWAY MODELS”, Lisbon.

In 2016 she worked with the project “TRAVELLINK TATTOO MAGAZINE”.

“WHAT WE ARE MADE OF” a project finished on 2016, had a lot of online publisments and interviews and in January 2017 this project had an exhibition at “CARPE DIEM” – Lisbon.

Recently, in 2017 she and Miru Morna started another project – “OUT OF THIS WORLD” about an exploration of the unknown. Through the concept “alien” they decided to create a series with different models – exploring weird beauties and creating scenarios linked to outer space.

Currently she is a freelance photographer.

Editorial & Publications

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